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What is Thermage?

Thermage is a safe, non-invasive procedure that’s clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance, by stimulating natural renewal of collagen the treatment delivers natural looking results with little to no downtime – on all skin colours, face and body, forehead, eyes, jaw line and jowls, all in a single procedure. Since there is no surgery involved you can generally return to normal activities immediately following the procedure.

How does it work?

A handpiece with a smooth, flat tip delivers Thermage’s unique radiofrequency (RF) technology, which safely heats the deep, collagen rich layers of your skin. The heat helps tighten existing collagen and stimulate the formation of new collagen over time, which reduces sagging, renews contours, and improves the smoothness and texture of the skin’s surface.

What parts of the body does Thermage treat?

Thermage procedures can effectively and safely treat skin on most body parts, including the face, eyes, lips, tummy, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks.

Give a lift to Tired Looking Eyes

The Thermage eye procedure is the only procedure that helps smooth and tighten skin and decrease wrinkles and hooding in the eye area without surgery or injections, and little to no downtime.

Single treatment. Generally, some improvement is immediately visible and continues for up to six months. Younger looking, more lifted eyes. Eyes look brighter. Skin feels tighter and smoother.

Get a Smoother, Tighter, Younger Looking Face


After the Thermage face procedure, you do not have to avoid the sun as with laser treatments. You can plan treatment any time that’s right for you.

Little to no downtime. After treatment, you can quickly get back to your normal routine. Color blind. Unlike lasers, the Thermage face procedure works on all skin types and colours.

Thermage can also be used with many other aesthetic procedures. Combining IPL and Thermage is a great way to help restore firmer and smoother hands and eliminate unsightly age spots.

Tummies, knees, legs, arms and hands can be areas that show signs of ageing. Thermage has developed procedures that are designed especially to help smooth and tighten wrinkled, crêpey and sagging skin on these body areas.

Despite rigorous exercise and dieting, most women that experience cellulite cannot significantly improve its appearance. In a single treatment, Thermage helps improve dimples and smooth skin texture with long lasting results.

How long is the treatment?

Unlike many laser procedures requiring four or more sessions, Thermage treatment delivers results in a single treatment for most patients. Our aesthetic medical practitioners will determine the course of treatment that is right for you.

What kind of results can I expect?

Your skin can look smoother and more youthful as the tighter underlying collagen offers better support. Depending on what you have treated:

  • Your eyes can look brighter with reduced hooding.
  • Elsewhere on the body, wrinkled, crêpey or sagging skin can appear smoother; bulging skin can be tighter and firmer.
  • You can also see improvement in your cellulite. Your skin will be smoother with reduced dimpling.

Results vary depending on age and skin condition.

When do the results appear, and how long do they last?

Some immediate results are usually visible and improve over time in the course of your body’s natural collagen rebuilding process. For most patients, measurable tightening and contouring gradually appear in the two to six months following a single treatment session. Results can last years depending on your skin condition and ageing process.


How many treatments will I need?

Unlike many laser procedures requiring four or more sessions, Thermage treatment delivers results in a single treatment for most patients. Our aesthetic medical practitioners will determine the course of treatment that is right for you.

What will I look like immediately after the procedure? Can I go right back to work?

There’s no special care needed after treatment and most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment.

Does it hurt?

Each time the treatment device touches your skin, you’ll feel a brief cooling sensation, followed by a deep but brief heating sensation, followed by another cooling sensation. The heating sensation is a sign that the deep layers of your skin are reaching effective temperatures for tightening, while the cooling sensation protects the surface of your skin. Throughout the procedure, your practitioner will ask for feedback on the level of heat sensation to help balance your comfort with maximum results.

Can I avoid other cosmetic procedures if I do this?

Each procedure has its own benefits. Thermage is a great non-invasive choice for skin smoothing, tightening and contouring. During your consultation, our aesthetic practitioners will discuss which procedure(s) is best for you and your desired results.

Can I get a Thermage procedure if I’ve already had other procedures?

Thermage procedures are compatible with most other cosmetic procedures, like soft-tissue fillers, laser skin resurfacing or even Anti-wrinkle Injections. For best results you will need to discuss your past procedures, as well as your current expectations with your practitioner during your consultation.

Is it safe?

Thermage procedures have an excellent safety record. Our practitioners can discuss this with you during your consultation.

How much does the Thermage procedure cost?

The cost depends on the area you’re having treated. At the time of the consultation we can give you a more precise idea of cost.

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